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An ancient wall comes crumbling down, ivy snaps...cascades to the ground. The protected garden behind the wall, grew an idea of love too small.
It could not sustain our love within, it was time to start over again. So I took a deep breath and let in the light, that destroyed the wall and expanded my sight.
Within that new field I planted to grow, a deeper understanding of our love to know. And just today, not a moment too soon, I spied our first flower, a Daffodil bloom.
by April Bender Mood audio: Most Wonderful Music - Between Worlds
Synchronicity: Daffodils are symbolic of spring - of birth and new beginnings.

Blessed Submersion

Peace. . . Flow. . . Silent hum. . . Suspended in a watery womb
 Cooling. . .  Soothing. . .  Serene lullaby. . .  Sinking down into Wisdom’s pool
Reflecting. . . Deflecting. . . Re-remembering. . . Conscious and sub-conscious collide
Reaching. . . Seeking. . . New patterning. . . Weaving higher impulses inside
Elevation. . . Color. . . Vibrant awareness. . . Crest as new landscapes within
Elation. . . Sensation. . . Quickening rebirth. . . Out of the depths I rise 
by April Bender
Mood audio: Mattia Cupelli - Waves

Sun Prayer

Caress me soft, caress me true, Oh essence of Light in shimmering hues.
Show me your secrets, come let us play, Together we'll dance, letting cares melt away.
Penetrate all . . .cell, blood, and spirit, Imbuing, activiting, expanding my limits.
Teach me of beauty and things not yet seen, Illuminate the mind, revitalize my being.
Warm Mother Earth so green shoots grow, Allowing blossoms to bloom, and life to flow.
And as you beam cosmic codes to the ground, May we seek out their soft tinkling sound.
by April Bender
Mood Audio: Most Emotional Music Ever: Awakening