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Sensing Grace

Sacred words, their spoken resonance, fill a now sanctified room. I wonder if the others here realize, they now bathe in a Divine Light womb?
The subtlety of such powerful Grace, is sensed by the listening heart. But in a state of inner turmoil, you reside several frequencies apart.
One must be still, centered in Self, to detect these realms of awe. You must shed to match their vibration, a tenant of Universal Law.
Yet Divine Grace, seen or unseen, works subtle magic in all. However working with It consciously, was our birthright before the Fall.
In essence a metamorphic return,   lies at the heart of your quest. You are the key to unlocking the secret, and in this task You Are Blessed.
by April Bender
Mood audio: Yiruma - River Flows in You

Twilight Revealed

Rain swept winds dampen the air, Twilight pervades, like a mystical prayer.
Primal memory slowly stirs within, Psyche yawns,  ...the immersion begins.
Carried along the watery flow, Chronos sleeps, images rise from below.
Forgotten forms take shape anew, Underworld unlocked, you now confront your taboos.
Shadow and light to rejoin as One, Twilight sustained, your sense of duality undone.
by April Bender
Mood audio: Peter Gundry - Lady of the Dawn

Spring Cleaning

Flying low and soaring high, it is during the budding Spring, we often say goodbye.
Goodbye to beings and things most dear, we must grieve and let go, to make room for the new year.
In the East we observe this annual dawn, a time of birth, beginnings, cleaning, planting, and song.
Inhaling deeply fresh Air flowing in, will move and clear out, remnants of what might have been.
By letting go of what ails the mind, we can plant new seeds of thought, that help us heal and refine.
Sun-kissed blue skies inspire a new day, bestowing precious optimism, and a completely blank slate.
By April Bender Mood Audio: Hiromi Motomiya - Breath

Transcendent Dawn

Strange these days of novelty, That seem to permeate the land. McKenna theorized that when this happened, The end of our “time” was at hand.
How long is it we’ve waited, As each season and cycle passed? Healing, transmuting, trailblazing, Reading every ascension forecast?
We came from many places, Our origins cosmologically diverse. Our purpose…to help uplift this planet, As well as the greater multiverse.
At last we have succeeded, Greater light has finally pierced through. While the masses reel to and fro, We know exactly what to do.
We hold the light, we tend ley-lines, We send out the energy of love. We stand in our height, Filled with the light and power from above.
We witness the shift, we use our gifts, To help birth everything anew. We’re breaking the bonds placed over this world, WE THE WARRIORS AND DIVINE GROUND CREW!
by April Bender

Mood Audio: Epic Sound Dream - Everdream


Often we sit at the Sun's final hour, sprinkled by golden tones, a most magnificent shower.
My head in your lap as the Sun turns to Stars, the sweet intimacy we share, is never really that far.
Stories of old and stories of new, float silently...suspended, between us two.
The fire is kindled deep down inside, you can see its glowing embers, mirrored in my eyes.
A touch, a sigh, a whisper, soft moans, to know you so intimately, is to return Home.
Gently you rest your soul inside mine, and together up through, the starry heavens we climb.
by April Bender
 Mood Audio: And They Have Escaped the Darkness


The dawn of light breaks open, The most secured of hearts. Casting fear’s dark shadow, Across secret corridors.
Will you come walk with me, Through this stark twilight? Won’t you stand beside me, To hold my small hand tight?
Forms coalesce, take shape, dance and hide, Worlds once forgotten born anew. Angels and demons are raised and play, In a mind questioning its view.
Will you come walk with me, Through this stark twilight? Won’t you share your arm with me, To keep my footsteps light?
Vulnerability rises...silent in repose, Caution at this time is key. Will It be wrapped in the light of love, Or consuming anxiety?
Will you come walk with me, Through this stark twilight? Won’t you come and sing to me, To guide me toward the light?
Waves of surrender gently roll in, As a new inner threshold is breached. Will you reach out and bathe in its wisdom, Or continue to remain out of reach?
Will you come walk with me, Through this stark twilight? Won’t you sit down and rest with me, To explor…

If Only You'd Simply Believe

You do not yet know, just how beautiful you are,
How the light of your soul draws one near. The sun may blaze brightly in the noon hour sky, And still there is no comparison to you.
You do not yet know, just how vast you are, There are oceans...whole worlds stored inside. You stand a giant outside physical form, Feet on earth...your hands touching sky!
You do not yet know, just how loved you are, How many families you are truly a part. All of creation flows out from the One, And beats in your radiant heart.
You do not yet know, just how powerful you are, With the potential of great divine being. A molder, a shaper of reality, If only you’d simply believe.

 by April Bender

Mood Audio: Enigma: Rivers of Belief