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Transcendent Dawn

 Strange these days of novelty,
That seem to permeate the land.
McKenna theorized that when this happened,
The end of our “time” was at hand.

How long is it we’ve waited,
As each season and cycle passed?
Healing, transmuting, trailblazing,
Reading every ascension forecast?

We came from many places,
Our origins cosmologically diverse.
Our purpose…to help uplift this planet,
As well as the greater multiverse.

At last we have succeeded,
Greater light has finally pierced through.
While the masses reel to and fro,
We know exactly what to do.

We hold the light, we tend ley-lines,
We send out the energy of love.
We stand in our height,
Filled with the light and power from above.

We witness the shift, we use our gifts,
To help birth everything anew.
We’re breaking the bonds placed over this world,

by April Bender

Mood Audio: Epic Sound Dream - Everdream

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If Only You'd Simply Believe

You do not yet know, just how beautiful you are,
How the light of your soul draws one near. The sun may blaze brightly in the noon hour sky, And still there is no comparison to you.
You do not yet know, just how vast you are, There are oceans...whole worlds stored inside. You stand a giant outside physical form, Feet on earth...your hands touching sky!
You do not yet know, just how loved you are, How many families you are truly a part. All of creation flows out from the One, And beats in your radiant heart.
You do not yet know, just how powerful you are, With the potential of great divine being. A molder, a shaper of reality, If only you’d simply believe.

 by April Bender

Mood Audio: Enigma: Rivers of Belief

Sensing Grace

Sacred words, their spoken resonance, fill a now sanctified room. I wonder if the others here realize, they now bathe in a Divine Light womb?
The subtlety of such powerful Grace, is sensed by the listening heart. But in a state of inner turmoil, you reside several frequencies apart.
One must be still, centered in Self, to detect these realms of awe. You must shed to match their vibration, a tenant of Universal Law.
Yet Divine Grace, seen or unseen, works subtle magic in all. However working with It consciously, was our birthright before the Fall.
In essence a metamorphic return,   lies at the heart of your quest. You are the key to unlocking the secret, and in this task You Are Blessed.
by April Bender
Mood audio: Yiruma - River Flows in You

Sun Prayer

Caress me soft, caress me true, Oh essence of Light in shimmering hues.
Show me your secrets, come let us play, Together we'll dance, letting cares melt away.
Penetrate all . . .cell, blood, and spirit, Imbuing, activiting, expanding my limits.
Teach me of beauty and things not yet seen, Illuminate the mind, revitalize my being.
Warm Mother Earth so green shoots grow, Allowing blossoms to bloom, and life to flow.
And as you beam cosmic codes to the ground, May we seek out their soft tinkling sound.
by April Bender
Mood Audio: Most Emotional Music Ever: Awakening