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Transcendent Dawn

 Strange these days of novelty,
That seem to permeate the land.
McKenna theorized that when this happened,
The end of our “time” was at hand.

How long is it we’ve waited,
As each season and cycle passed?
Healing, transmuting, trailblazing,
Reading every ascension forecast?

We came from many places,
Our origins cosmologically diverse.
Our purpose…to help uplift this planet,
As well as the greater multiverse.

At last we have succeeded,
Greater light has finally pierced through.
While the masses reel to and fro,
We know exactly what to do.

We hold the light, we tend ley-lines,
We send out the energy of love.
We stand in our height,
Filled with the light and power from above.

We witness the shift, we use our gifts,
To help birth everything anew.
We’re breaking the bonds placed over this world,

by April Bender

Mood Audio: Epic Sound Dream - Everdream

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Springtime Sigh

Lilting tones and rainbow hues Dance across a quiet room. Curtains sway, kissed by the wind, Carrying expressions of a gentle afternoon.
Its breath is ripe, fragrantly sweet, From wildflower blooms nearby. Earthen woods frame the view, While birds sail high in the sky.
The air, it hums, teeming with life, Of a wild and subtle kind. As the sun's rays beckon eyes to close, I exhale a contented s i g h.
by April Bender
Mood Audio: Relaxing Celtic Music

The Dark Goddess

Once in awhile the Universe provides, an opportunity to view self through an observer's eyes. Today I was humbled and dismayed to find, that I cannot harness the Dark Goddess's ride.

While I like to pretend to have total control, She is part of my wild side, part of my soul. I prefer the inner Angel all calm and sweet, While the Dark Goddess I wish none to meet.

She fills me with guilt and unbearable shame, If only somehow her fire could be tamed. My Angel tells me that Dark Goddess shouldn't exist, Yet in the end, it's the Angel who's dismissed.

Why is it so hard to admit imperfection? To see all parts of self in my own reflection? To love even the unlovable parts of me, In that I am uncertain and yet I know it is key.

How can you accept her when I myself cannot? What makes me deny her a conscious dwelling spot? If she's a valid and natural part of me, then I must figure out how to set her free.

 by April Bender
Mood audio: Ember Island - Creep


Scattered fragments now magnetized Surface in interior rooms. Clumsily they coalesce, These orphans that Spirit exhumed. I would have preferred they remain dead, These vagabonds of perplexity. They wreak only havoc inside of me Both emotionally and mentally. They simply don’t fit any of my frames, Neither in belief or memory. And yet I know that I must integrate them If I wish ascendancy. What is it then that you provide, Oh outliers of the deep? Since Spirit has resurrected you, There is a purpose for you indeed. Come let me examine you And reveal the mystery to behold. I know you have a story to tell That hasn’t yet been told. So let us uncover your wisdom, Even if it hurts to look. And perhaps if we uncover enough, We can restore what ego took.
by April Bender
Mood Audio: Chasing Dreams - Departures